John Cashman

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Seeking a leadership role with professionals willing to take advantage of my unique experience to create the best in high quality entertainment.


A natural leader and innovative problem solver who learns and masters every challenge with artistic insight and patient resolve. Tireless professional committed to efficiency for maximizing production and minimizing waste. A witty, good-natured individual with a work ethic that is second to none.

Major Accomplishments

  • Created functioning secondary shop in FX Group's facility in 3 months while executing a full schedule of projects at the same time. Shaped the company’s production process into a more efficient and cost effective pipeline.  Eliminated the backlog of design projects and assignments thru effective scheduling and project execution.
  • Selected as one of a team of four Disney Effects Animators, out of a pool of 25, qualified to work as both a 2D (traditionally hand drawn) and 3D (computer generated) artist on the Florida Studio’s final project, ‘A Few Good Ghosts’.

  • Instrumental in developing and executing a very unique technique for Disney's 'Lilo & Stitch' wherein many props were animated on the computer in 3D, and then matched to hand drawn character animation thereby shortening the man hours formerly spent on such tasks by 50%.

  • Lead the rebuilding of the foundering engineering department of The Olesen Company, the longest operating lighting and theatrical supply company in Hollywood, California by managing manpower and maximizing efficiency to the point where the business was eventually sold for $14 Million.

  • Youngest Production Manager in the history of the VITA Shakespeare Festival, a professional theatre company that mounted six shows per year, by developing and implementing more accurate record keeping and increasing communication between departments was able to reduce waste of time and materials by 50% and increase the number of returning seasonal employees by 30%.


  • "John is among the very hardest working and most dedicated individuals in the business. I can say without a moment’s hesitation that John is a talented, experienced, disciplined and professional artist of considerable skill. I would not hesitate to hire him … “

    --Joseph Gilland, Head of Animation, Vancouver Film School

  • "John is an extremely organized person with an excellent sense of time management which makes him one of those people you could just point at a project and not worry about it getting done right the first time. He is the ‘go to’ guy that everyone could count on and a consummate professional in every sense of the word.”
--Paitoon Ratan, Paitoon Ratan Design, Inc.

  • "John is articulate and effective in communicating his ideas with outstanding listening skills.  He is very attentive and responsible to detail, making certain that the integrity, artistic quality and safety of a production are in balance.”

    --Jerald Enos, C.S.C., Dept. Chair, Santa Clara University, Dept. of Theatre and Dance

  • "Any company would benefit from this man's talents as a professional, as well as being an extremely giving human being.”

    --Richard Lane, President, The Academy of the Sword

  • "I recommend John Cashman highly.  In addition to his talent and devotion to his work, he has a terrific sense of humor which put everyone at ease and makes the learning of difficult tasks a pleasure.”
    --Meg Patterson, Casting Director, San Jose Repertory Theatre

Professional Experience

     LEAD DESIGNER (Current) & DESIGN MANAGER (2007-2010)                                                            2007-Present

          Manage all aspects of design for FX Group.

  • Supervise scheduling, project assignment, quality control, recruiting, and hiring full time and outsource designers.
  • Design scenery for broadcast television and live events environments.
  • Interact with clients and all departments to maintain design integrity and concept.
  • Manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of the company, all computer workstations, and software.

     PRODUCTION MANAGER                                                                                                                              2005-2007

          Manage all aspects of production for both Broadcast TV and Live Events division of FX Group. 
Create labor pool/call list for freelance work staff.

  • Supervise scheduling, construction, quality control, recruiting, and hiring labor.
  • Directs all department heads, oversees resources, tracks progress of all jobs, and manages project budgets.
  • Manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of the company, all computer workstations, and software.

     TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                                                                                                                                         2005

          Manage all technical and labor requirements for the corporate theatre division of a professional union scene shop--FX Group.

  • Engineer and execute all Live Events projects engaged by the company.
  • Design and set up corporate scene shop work space in company's existing warehouse facility. 
  • Create labor pool/call list for freelance work staff.

ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR                                                                                                                                  2004-Present

Instruct 3D Modeling and Animation for Associates Degree Candidates in Graphic Design.

  • Instruct students in Maya and FLASH.
  • Integrate modeling and animation principles with hardware and software technology.

EFFECTS ANIMATION                                                                                                                                         1997-2004

Design and animate traditionally hand drawn and computer generated visual effects elements for multi-million dollar feature films.

  • Manage follow up crew and supervise timely completion of work meeting 100% of assigned deadlines.
  • Feature Film Production experience includes:  BROTHER BEAR, LILO & STITCH, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:  Special Edition, TARZAN, and MULAN.

OLESEN, Hollywood, CA
PROJECT MANAGER                                                                                                                                           1994-1997

Design, coordinate, and supervise the installation of permanent theatrical lighing, rigging, and drapery systems for the longest operating lighting company in Hollywood, CA (since 1905) with project budgets of $500--$50,000.

  • Implemented streamlined planning techniques to increase efficiency by 80%.
  • Coordinated and instructed manpower pool into orgainized, self-supervised teams that could work independently and simultaneously. 
  • Managed customer service relations on site to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

SUPERVISING ELECTRICIAN                                                                                                                             1992-1993

Plan and oversee the weekly installation of all lighting, sound, and pyrotechnic elements for a touring arena ice show.

  • Supervised local stagehands at each tour location on the safe installation of all lighting equipment.
  • Managed the installation of eight touring follow spots.
  • Directed and call the 200+ follow spot cues from memory while operating one fixture during the running of each production.

PRODUCTION DIRECTOR                                                                                                                                  1991-1992

Created and managed the company's performance division.

  • Reinvigorated stage combat school by introducing a dynamic new curriculum, planned and executed a product driven marketing plan, and produced live performance pieces highlighting the company's specialty.
  • The production of live original plays, a successful educational touring program, and extremely profitable 'themed corporate party' shows swelled enrollment in the training classes and increased exposure of the company int he community increasing sales by 30%.

     GUEST LECTURER:  Stagecraft & Stage Lighting                                                                                                    1990

  • Taught two undergraduate classes as well as supervise lab sessions and projects.

     TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                                                                                                                                             1988

  • Manage all technical elements for all theatre department productions and instruct undergraduate students in the practical applications of technical theatre.

PRODUCTION MANAGER/TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                                                                                           1985-1990

Manage all technical and production aspects of professional theatre company mounting six shows per year including:  A successful educational touring program, three summer outdoor full legnth Shakespeare plays in rotating repertory that toured four locations, a Fall American Classic production, and a Christmas Show.

  • Developed and maintained professional relationships with local patron/donors of the company helping increase donations by have them sponsor equipment or specific actors.
  • Managed and controlled all production expenditures for a production budget of $200,000.
  • Organized and stream lined production work flow and found previously expendable items subsequent uses eliminating waste by 50%.
  • Coordinated housing and transportation for all performers and ensuring their safety, health and general well being.

FREELANCE SCENIC AND LIGHTING DESIGNER, California                                                                               1985-1993

Design and create the look for numerous professional and amateur theatre companies in California and supervise manpower to execute designs.

Special Skills

  • Theatrical Skills:  Capable, competent, and experienced in all aspects of theatre design and production.  Member IATSE Local #339
  • Computer Skills:  Mac, PC, Unix, Linux, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Adobe CS5 (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, FLASH), Autodesk (Maya, AutoCAD, 3d Studio MAX).  Computer maintenance, repair, and network management.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Arts, Santa Clara University, 1987.
  • Certified Teacher of Stage Combat, Society of American Fight Directors, Las Vegas, NV, 1992-Present